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Above is one of the recipes I consulted when I made my “pie” today….but I added some things, like cocoa (2 tbsp?), caramel syrup (two capfuls), allspice (1-2 tsp), nutmeg (fresh grated), powdered ginger, wheat germ (2-3 tbsp), a touch of flour, and I used regular canned evaporated milk and mostly whole eggs (one yolk went to my dog), and I used 2 cans of organic pumpkin. For topping, I mixed butter and oil and brown sugar in with some low fat granola (I started out thinking healthy but I subverted this intention halfway through), and chopped walnuts and I’m baking that separately from the custard in a glass dish….will add it later, and maybe broil it a few minutes once it’s on the custards, to get it crispier. I filled one 8×8 oiled glass dish, two ramekins (to sample it before I bring it to a potluck) with the custard mixture. We’ll see how it turns out.


I think next time I will dissolve the cocoa with milk and sugar and swirl it in at the end to create a swirly chocolate design in the custard…..


3 thoughts on “Improvised Crustless Pumpkin Pie – My Style

  1. Emily O

    To preview my ‘pie,’ my friend Carol and I consumed one sample ramekin each (decorated with the toasted granola topping) and it turned out delicious and unusual. Not very sweet, and with rich underlying chocolate notes and intriguing spices. The granola topping only needs to be baked 10 minutes at most and comes out plenty crispy without being broiled.


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