Sorrel omelette on a foggy July morning

A fresh bunch of sorrel purchased at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturday inspired an omelette, with scallions and a light sprinkle of blue cheese. The lemony taste of sorrel might not immediately inspire you to think of an omelette but advice from the vendor encouraged me to try it.  I gently cooked in butter the scallions and chopped sorrel (including the thin crunchy stems), then added two beaten eggs. I tilted the omelette pan, lifting the eggs as they set, letting the runny egg find the bare surfaces of the pan till it was mostly set; then covered the pan and turned heat to very low while I let it set further. I sprinkled a tiny bit of crumbled blue cheese on the eggs, then placed one remaining sorrell leaf across the top. I could have waited longer for it to set, but instead I ended up folding the omelette in half before sliding it off into my plate. I finished it off with freshly ground pepper and sea salt.  I enjoyed it with Kavanaugh coffee (in a Peet’s cup!).



Sorrel omelette and Kavanaugh’s coffee


Sorrel omelette, whole grain English muffins

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