Kohlrabi and Potato soup with coconut milk

Kohlrabi – 4
Yukon potatoes – 6 small
Curry, cumin, salt and pepper
Head of garlic (roasted, or use microwave method to save time).
Can of coconut milk

Start by peeling 4 small kohlrabis, trimming of stalks and taking off the hard peel with a sharp knife. You can use the greens, if fresh, by shredding and steaming in a pan for an egg dish in the morning (I added some Thai chilis and red onions to the saute). In the evening, cube the kohlrabi, and add about 1.5 times the amount of cubed yukon potatoes. Saute the vegetables in olive oil and butter, adding curry and cumin in moderate amounts, salt and pepper. Add some water after slightly browned. Add more if this is absorbed before vegetables are cooked.

I decided to add roasted garlic for a complementary flavor. I experimented with cutting off the top of a head of garlic, covering it with olive oil, and microwaving it for several minutes. The cloves became slightly darkened and dehydrated after about 4 to 5 minutes. I popped them out of their skins and added them to the soup to simmer for a while.

Add a can of rich coconut milk (with the cream) and heat slightly, dissolving the cream in the broth.

Puree the soup with an immersion blender. The garlic cloves might resist being blended, as they did harden up in the oven. Once everything is pulverized, add seasoning to taste. Some snipped herbs like parsley or cilantro would be beautiful in the oh so creamy, speckled puree.

Enjoy some fall in the bowl!

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