Oscar party with chile verde and nopales taco filling

For my Oscars viewing party, I plan to serve chile verde, (chunks of browned pork simmered in tomatillo sauce), Spanish rice, pinto beans, (refried and plain), handmade corn and also whole wheat tortillas, and a nopales, pepper and corn saute for those who want a vegetarian filling. Accompaniments will be guacamole, salsa fresca or green hot sauce, shredded monterey jack cheese., and sour cream.


Previously, I made a nopales saute with onions and red peppers. This time, I am livening up the recipe with roasted ancho and pasilla chile peppers. After scraping off the blackened skin, seeding and de-stemming, and chopping them, I will add them to a generous amount of sauted onions and garlic. I will add the diced nopales, some fresh and roasted red and green bell peppers for color and sweetness, and, finally, kernels sliced off three ears of corn. I also added diced roasted kabocha squash as an experiment. I am going to add some leftover homemade tomatillo sauce which I had prepared for the chile verde. A final touch will be chopped fresh cilantro.  For spices, I sprinkled oregano, red pepper flakes, and a bit of cumin, and salt and pepper.

I think this recipe for chile verde is pretty fantastic: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/chile_verde/

3 thoughts on “Oscar party with chile verde and nopales taco filling

  1. Emily O

    I’m very excited Joe is bringing those yummy handmade corn tortillas, but WW says I ought to stick to the whole wheat ones 🙁

  2. Emily O

    Lori wanted to know what all was in the nopales taco filling….check out my description at my blog! The green sauce made from roasted tomatillos can be found at the chile verde recipe at Simply Recipes, a family blog I just discovered.


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